Request a Quotation

In order for us to quote for an assembly please email the Parts List and Gerbers.

Request a Quotation

We will question any item that has an ambiguous cost implication. Descriptions should include a full manufacturer's part number or Farnell code. In addition we need the quantity and board placement references.

We source pcbs from trusted suppliers at home and abroad. We generally insist on either lead-free HASL or ENIG immersion gold finishes to boards for optimum shelf life and solderability. The PCB gerbers are also required to determine the complexity of placement, any tooling requirements, and to produce production drawings.

We will maintain a technical file detailing the assembly name together with the revision details of the pcb, the parts list and the firmware. An internal engineering change note is raised whenever any of these details change.

Program files, cable drawings and mechanical assembly are all acceptable as hard copy, .dxf or pdf.

If you have any specific requirements please discuss these with Customer Services.

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