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Most applications can benefit further by incorporating wireless connectivity between sensors, appliances and the GPRS Module. This makes for quick and easy installation and removes the need for channelling walls or long cable runs. Alternatively we can supply ‘radio links’ as a wire free addition to existing equipment.

We offer solutions based around the following systems,


  • ideal for low cost, short range (up to 100m) remote control applications.
  • Low power consumption for long battery life.

433MHZ/AM & FM

  • Medium range, low cost. Can be used for remote control or data transmission.


  • Typically improved range (up to 1km) due to more advance Narrowband receivers.


  • ‘ZigBee’ RF systems. Short range, very low power, high data devices forming a network. Industry standard Protocols.

Bluetooth & WiFi

  • Industry standard protocols can be incorporated into new products.


  • Ideal for the tracking of ‘Assets’. We can provide complete RFID reader and tag acceptance solutions.

All systems are Licence-free and comply with R&TTE directives where required.

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