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A number of customers have been with us a long time, which is testament of approval in itself. Others are start-up companies with new and innovative products requiring flexibility in production.

We do audit our customers' satisfaction as part of our Quality Management System, but here are a few comments directly from clients...


Client Testimonials

Mr Frank Sheppard. A.D. Developments

As designers of microcontroller based products, we make many various demands on production. Finding the company to keep up with our needs was a tricky task. With Cope Technology I know our manufacturing requirements are looked after professionally, allowing us to keep focussed on our market place


Start-up company MD

Outsourcing to Cope Technology has allowed us to enhance the product whilst still keeping to time and within budget. This collaboration has really extended how we can do business...

Mr Keith Anderson. Radiant Research Ltd

...the iDrive is now shipping globally. Cope Technology deserve praise for their part in the products introduction!


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